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Origins of TomBob Outdoors and the TomBob Lure

The TomBob® Lure was an idea of two men who shared a love of fishing, a vast knowledge of metal working, and a lot of friends. TomBob was one of those friends. He was an avid fisherman and a great fly tyer in his own right. The Lure, now known as the TomBob® Lure, was developed in 2007 and went through a series of testing as to the design and attractant makeup… along with a lot of bad names. During this time, our friend, Thomas Robert Fox, was diagnosed with cancer. After a hard, but unsuccessful fight he passed away. Brothers Tim and Ivan Smith continued to develop the new lure and decided that the only name they could give it was the “TomBob” out of love and respect for their lost friend and co-worker. Tim places a silouette of a sportsman enjoying the outdoors on every product that he sells, giving TomBob a continuing chance to enjoy his passion for as long as we can sell our products.